Giorgio Armani yacht “Main”

Giorgio Armani yacht “Main”

Giorgio Armani, as a designer, is a connoisseur of beautiful things and the yacht is no exception. For a long time, he could not choose a suitable vessel since most of them seemed to him big white boats with an elaborate, jovial interior. The first was a wonderful yacht Mariù launched in 2003 by Codecasa, but after a few years, the designer realized that he wanted more. He loves the sea and he wanted not only to rest there but also to live. His ideal home in the sea was the yacht Maìn, made in 2008 by the same shipbuilder as the first one.

Giorgio Armani has put his heart into this yacht. It has a length of 65 meters, which makes it the largest vessel made in Italy. Its construction took 30 months and most of it was spent on working out all desires of the designer. One of these desires was panoramic windows. Also, Codecasa had to torment them with the bridge-deck, which Giorgio saw as a long living room.

Now let’s talk about the interior, which Armani has engaged almost himself. The dark glossy and wood surface combined with a small amount of light furniture and gentle lighting make the rooms more spacious. As the designer says, he tried to make the interior cozy and even private, where you can seclude from the whole world. For the same reason, he did not fill the interior with a lot of details, various paintings, and sculptures, giving preference to minimalism.

Another feature of Giorgio Armani yacht is its unusual dark green color. This was done in order to emphasize the color of the sea itself, because, despite the fact that we all call it blue, it is more look green or muddy blue. He refused the usual white color since he did not want the ship to be seen from the shore. In any case, he is a designer and he knows better.

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