Johnny Depp yacht “Vajoliroja”
Johnny Depp yacht “Vajoliroja”

Johnny Depp yacht “Vajoliroja”


Length 156ft/47.55m
Builder Turquoise
Exterior Designer Taka Yachts
Interior Design LM Pagano Design
Built | Refit 2001 | 2007
Model Custom
Cruising Speed 12 Knots
Top Speed 14 Knots

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is a lover of luxury. He also likes to do pleasant things to his relatives. One of these pleasures was the yacht Vajoliroja, a gift from Johnny to his ex-wife Vanessa Parady. It is known that the ship was built in 2001 in Turkey and found its star owner in 2007. Such a strange name of the vessel came about because of the confusion of his lover and children’s names: Va on behalf of the civil wife, Vanessa, Jo from Johnny, Liro on behalf of the daughter, Lily Rose and Ja from their son, Jack.

After the divorce from Vanessa and the wedding of Hollywood actress Amber Hurd, Johnny decided to sell the yacht. This is not surprising, as the new wife flatly refused to step onto the ship. In order not to scare off the customers with Depp’s personal memories, the yacht was decided to be renamed to a less personal Amphitrite, in honor of the ancient Greek goddess and wife of Poseidon. The buyer was immediately found, it was the British writer Joan Rowling.

Johnny Depp yacht interior

Let’s move away from the history of purchases and sales and talk about the luxurious interior. The actor himself was engaged in the design, or rather, expressed his wishes: Bohemian art deco with luxurious and vintage furniture. Dark wood and red velvet in the rooms play in contrast to the surrounding marine environment. Johnny Depp yacht has everything you need not only for rest, but also for long stays: five cabins, crew accommodation, a dining room on the deck and other places where you can relax.

Despite all this exquisite and comfortable beauty, Joan Rowling decided to resell the yacht one year later. It is unclear what she did not like from the above, or is it because of the feeling of old grievances of the Depp family? But Johnny does not care, as he managed to even earn some money. Having bought a yacht for 18 million, he sold it for 22 million. And Joan lost a decent amount, selling the vessel for 17 million.

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