Michael Jordan yacht – Mr. Terrible
Michael Jordan yacht – Mr. Terrible

Michael Jordan yacht – Mr. Terrible


LENGTH 106.99ft
BUILDER Westport
Owner Michael Jordan

American basketball player Michael Jordan is famous not only for his genuine play and the Chicago Bulls success. Belonging to the most influential NBA owners, he can let himself getting the best stuff, for instance, the things like his luxury yacht Mr. Terrible.

This 154-foot cruise ship is a lightweight, but extremely powerful vehicle with 3,650 HP. The maximum speed that it reaches is 24 knots. The yacht is constructed to conquer the seas and give its owner and his guests an extreme pleasure of fishing. Its cockpit with a rod locker and live bait turn fishing into a delight. When Jordan and his buddies feel like spying on the life of the underwater world inhabitants, they use the powerful contemporary underwater camera. They watch the adventures of sharks, rare fishes, dolphins and other marine creatures. After this fun the yacht passengers can relax in a bar, dining area for 14 persons or take a hot tab.

Michael Jordan yacht design

Mr. Terrible resembles a paradise created for those, who deserved a fantastic relaxation. The way to a true success of Michael Jordan was extremely long and thorny. However, today he can let himself buying amazing stuff like his yacht. The wonderful vehicle’s design resembles a tropic island with its coconut trees, palms and dazzling furniture. The yacht walls are decorated with tropical wood. Mr. Terrible staircase, made of bubinga, stainless steel and real wenge, takes the central part of the ship. Its 4 staterooms are designed in different styles and color schemes.

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