Paul Allen mega yacht “Octopus”
Paul Allen mega yacht “Octopus”

Paul Allen mega yacht “Octopus”

How many yachts does Paul Allen own?

Paul Allen is Microsoft co-founder and the owner of an incredibly exquisite and expensive taste. Octopus is his 126 m (414 foot) megayacht launched in 2003 by German leaders of shipbuilding, Lurssen. The ship was created specifically for its owner and cost about $200 million. It is considered to be one of the largest and most recognizable ships in the world. In addition to private use by its owner, the vessel often participates in research and rescue operations. Paul Allen announced that the Octopus crew had found a Japanese battleship in March 2015.

Paul Allen yacht interior

Jonathan Quinn Barnett tried on the Paul Allen yacht design. Dimensional and calm design helps to relax and enjoy the sea. Also, there are many interesting features, thanks to which, in a literal sense, you can spend all your life on a yacht. Let’s start with 2 helipads and spacious multi-level decks, which have a swimming pool, areas for sunbathing and rest. The yacht stores 2 submarines with names Pagoo and Octo ROV. The first can accommodate 10 people and can be under water up to 8 hours. The second one participated in the Google Earth’s “Explore the Ocean” project and Discovery Science Channel’s documentary. Also, there is a movie theater, recording studio, once used by Paul McCartney, a private clinic, 12 elevators, a glass-bottom pool, a gym and a spa center.

The support of Octopus costs $ 384,000 each week or about $ 20 million a year. But this is clearly worth it. The ship has 41 suites for guests, so Allen often arranges parties, especially during Cannes Festival. Also, Paul likes to arrange live concerts with famous singers. The vessel is provided with a staff of up to 60 employees. Captains, engineers, chefs, stewardesses and other workers can be accommodated in special 28 cabins.

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