Roberto Cavalli yacht “Ability”

Roberto Cavalli yacht “Ability”

The black 40m luxury yacht has belonged to the famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. Before it was called RC, and after the sale was renamed to Ability. The price is not exactly known, but it’s about $ 2 million. Originally, it was built by Baglietto in 2004. The designer used it only for him, his family, friends and some famous guests.

After buying this motor superyacht, the new owner, the Ability Group, entrusted the advanced studio Designer Touches Ltd to repair and improve the vessel. As the boat belonged to a well-known designer, it was decided to leave that chic and luxurious style and even emphasize it. Designers of the studio were inspired by fashion shows and unusual modern textures of fabrics. Animalistic prints, bright colors and leather surface complement the concept of the whole interior. All work on the modification of the former Roberto Cavalli yacht was completed by May 2016.

Now the ship can accommodate 10 people in 5 cabins, including a master suite. Each room has a wi-fi, a spacious bathroom and is equipped with modern gadgets. There is also a place for 8 members of staff, which will help you with some equipment and facilitate your rest. To entertain guests you can take advantage of swimming platform for fishing or water sport and main deck with salon, four large sofas and coffee tables. The upper deck is equipped with a cinema, ideal for evening pastime. Also, there is a comfortable sofa that seats 12 people on the deck. An elegant and measured rest is 100% provided with such a yacht.

The ship is included in the top 10 most famous and luxurious Celebrity boats. It is also known that Designer Touches were highly appreciated by The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017 for motor yacht Ability.

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