Steve Jobs yacht “Venus”

Steve Jobs yacht “Venus”

A luxury yacht has become a mandatory component of any billionaire’s “gentleman’s set.” The founder of Apple, legendary Steve Jobs, also decided to order his own gorgeous cruise ship in 2012. He named it Venus, but he passed away right before the first launch of the yacht. Lightweight 80 meter Venus with an aluminum hull is very maneuverable. The vehicle is constantly controlled by 7 iMac computers installed on the captain’s bridge.

Steve Jobs yacht design

Until his last days Steve Jobs was discussing the Venus outlook with Philippe Starck, French professional working at the yacht design. Suspecting that he could die before the launch of this wonder, the Apple’s father knew that his close people would be happy resting on this luxury vehicle. Finally Venus has become a unique genuine museum of Steve Jobs, clearly demonstrating all the modern principles that he invested into Apple. This is an outstanding stylish vehicle, costing about € 100 million. Besides its contemporary outlook and unique architecture, the Venus greatest feature is the “clever” upper deck, which hides TV receivers and communications.

Since 2012 the ship was repaired twice. In 2013 the works were held in Rybovich shipyard in Florida, USA, and in 2015 it happened in Monaco Marine shipyard in La Ciotat, France. In 2012 the ship was arrested: Philippe Starck insisted the family of Jobs would pay him not € 6 million, but € 9 million. However, within a few days both sides reached an agreement. The Jobs family travels on the ship occasionally. Today the main areas of the Venus navigation are the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

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