Fountainhead Yacht
Fountainhead Yacht

Fountainhead Yacht


LENGTH 287.99ft /87.78m
BUILDER Feadship
INTERIOR DESIGN Sinot Yacht Design, Axel Vervoordt
MODEL Custom
Owner Mark Cuban

Fountainhead yacht design

Fountainhead yacht owner

Earning millions, business owners spend them not only buying expensive cars and luxury houses. Mark Cuban, an American businessman investor and owner of the NBA basketball club, goes to sea on his 87-meter (288 ft) Fountainhead yacht with a unique interior in antique style. It belongs to the top-100 largest high-priced yachts. Named after the novel by American writer and a philosopher Ain Rand, saying much about individualism and selfishness, this ship has become the envy of less prosperous businessmen and the hospitable paradise for Mark Cuban friends. The luxury yacht’s crew has passed through a personal strict selection of the Fountainhead owner.

The estimated cost of the Fountainhead yacht is $ 130 million US

The wonderful cruise ship was built in 2011. The Fountainhead designer, De Voogt Naval Architects, followed the desire of his client. The yacht that is literally stuffed with modern technologies and newfangled devices also pleases Mark Cuban and his guests with authentic antique furniture. Naturally, everyone coming to Fountainhead can feel there the atmosphere of luxury, pleasure and comfort. This unique gorgeous cruise ship invites its guests to dive and splash in a huge swimming pool and exercise in its contemporary gym. After the active leisure they will feel at ease in the library, containing thousands of the works belonging to prominent classic and modern writers or sip old wine in a restaurant enjoying exclusive dishes. They can also join the Fountainhead owner and rest with him in a recreation, just chatting about nothing.

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