Roman Abramovich mega yacht “Eclipse”
Roman Abramovich mega yacht “Eclipse”

Roman Abramovich mega yacht “Eclipse”

Possessing the largest yacht seems to be a matter of prestige to billionaires. Whereas some people consider that the most luxury private ships belong to American businessmen and Arab princes, the reality strikes them with the fact – Russian oligarchs own fantastically expensive marine vehicles.

For instance, till 2015 Eclipse, Roman Abramovich super yacht was officially recognized as the largest, fastest, the most luxurious cruise ship in Europe, Asia, both Americas…the whole world! Built in 2010 ship costs $1, 2 billions! To the time when the vehicle was launched, Roman Abramovich owned several yachts, but his dared dream was to get “the best of the best” one.

Photos of Roman Abramovich’s yacht

Eclipse length (550 feet) equals the length of 2 football fields. Two 20 000 HP engines run the huge vehicle equipped with the most contemporary techniques. Its huge swimming pool can place at least a hundred of guests, and its 2 helipads often welcome buddies of Russian billionaire, coming to his ship by air. Besides it, the yacht has a huge hangar. It is the place where Abramovich keeps 2 Eurocopter helicopters (each costing 1 million pounds), 4 boats, a special vessel delivering guests to the yacht and back to the shore, 20 water motorcycles.

The Eclipse owner’s friends, who travelled on his 12-seater submarine, confess it was the most expressive underwater journey. The ship has an HD private cinema, 3 dining rooms, a theatrical stage, an exhibition hall, an aquarium, several exclusive bathrooms, a disco club and a gym. While most passengers relax in a sauna or a hot tub, certain special guests come to Eclipse with one purpose – to have an operation in its contemporary clinic, where the best medical specialists work.

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