Yachts builders

Yachts builders

Mega yachts builders in the world

After yachting became one of the most common hobbies, the number of manufacturers began to grow. The construction of one vessel can take several years of painstaking work by a large number of specialists. There are a lot of mega yachts builders of world renown, who have already earned the trust of customers with their quality.

Yacht builders list:

European market

It is worth mentioning the Italian company Benetti Yacht, which won Showboats International magazine award 6 times in a row. It was founded in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti. After the death of the creator, Benetti Yacht was bought by the owner of an equally famous Italian shipbuilding company, Azimut. Both these brands are engaged in the construction of exclusive yachts length up to 120 feet.

Another leader and a native of Italy is Ferretti, who stand out for their classic style and high quality. The use of expensive materials, a special double hull design and reinforced noise insulation are the main features of this company’s yachts.

However, not only Italians make good ships, the Dutch firm Födship also conquers Europe with its super yachts. The history of this company begins back in 1849. Now it consists of three the most famous names in the history of yacht building, which united and achieved a lot.

One of the best yacht builders in Germany is Lürssen Wharf, founded in 1875. Since its inception, the shipyard has launched more than 13,000 vessels, including mega-yachts and warships. In 2003, the company, together with HDW, built the 126-meter Octopus yacht for Paul Alain, and the 115-meter Pelorus commissioned by Roman Abramovich.

US market

There are many custom yachts builders in the US, but below you will find well-known brands that deserve your attention.

The company Carver started with the production of high-speed sports and pleasure boats made of mahogany in 1954. In 1970, they switched to the construction of boats made of fiberglass, which allowed designing large cruisers with spacious cabins. The company is engaged in the manual production of furniture and textiles. It guarantees a high quality at each stage of production.

One more leader, Catalina began its existence in Hollywood, California in 1961 by Frank Butler and today it is one of the world’s largest boat manufacturers. The company produces both small and mega yachts, but most of all they are known for their mid-sized cruisers. Catalina’s chief engineer and vice president, Gerry Douglas has designed and engineered every vassal since the beginning of his career in the 70s. Thanks to him 15 yachts won marine industry “Boat of the Year” awards.

Derecktor Shipyards manufactures exclusive sailing and motor yachts, sports marine cars, and innovative commercial vessels. Ship building company began their existence in 1947. The most famous of their work in the world of shipbuilding is Cakewalk V, one of the largest yachts in the United States. They are the undisputed leader of the US yacht market in the production of aluminum vessels and the world leader in the production of private yachts and repair services.

Custom Yachts Builders

When it comes to custom yacht builder and mega yacht builders in the European market, some of the top names include Feadship, Lürssen and Azimut-Benetti who dominate most of market.

In the US luxury yachting has become a favorite pastime and one of the most popular custom yacht builder is Catalina Yachts. With over 80,000 yachts to its name it still leads the market in creating some of the most luxurious and costly yachts. They are also one of the best yacht builder in the world.